(Optional) Build Job for EKS

Trigger build to deploy app on EKS

This step is to demonstrate writing a quick and dirty build job in Jenkins for deployment on EKS. This is not a preferred way, however, handy for quick tests. This step is optional and you may skip this step.

Now we will trigger the build build-app on Jenkins, which will pull the image from GitHub, build the image and update the Green Service of the EKS:
Go to the Jenkins dashboard and select the build job: build-app. Click Build Now and observe: dashboard dashboard You may check the console output to see the progress and after building the image, check the application by accessing the Flask ALB DNS link: dashboard

Note that this is a simplistic build job and usually used for simple 1-stage builds. However, for multi-stage builds, to give enough visibility into each stages, we would like to use Pipeline builds. The next section demonstrates that.

Note: This may need to populate your AWS Access ID and Secret keys into the build job that shows FILL-HERE. This is not a good practice to populate the passwords or secrets into the build job, but only used for quick and dirty tests.