Workshop Login

Logging into AWS Console

It is encouraged to work in a team of no more than 4 person with an ideal number of 2-3. The teams will be provided with Team-Hashes, with which the members can login into Event Engine.

Steps to follow:

  • Login URL: Click Here
  • Enter the team hash and on next screen, enter a "Cool" Team Name
  • The dashboard will now look like this, click on the "AWS Console" (circled) : dashboard
  • Copy-paste the credentials in your notepad for our workshop use. The example below shows "us-east-2" region, but please co-ordinate with the admin to note down the correct region. Click on Open Console highlighted to login into AWS account: dashboard
  • You would see the AWS Account as below now, you can now move to the workshop : dashboard
  • Now move on to the Module1 section and commence the workshop
  • !! ENJOY !!